The “I Am”.

Have you ever had some one you barely know do a thing for you with out knowing it? Even when you were not born, it was granted to you upon your arrival. The value it turns out out weighs any and all things giveable.
You find in investigation that this giver is still alive.
What is your response?
Why ?
Why me?
What have I done to deserve this?
You mean I live and breath. Today because this giver went out of his way to make sure I am alive? How’s come my mother didn’t tell me?
And that’s not all. You find out the facts that he ha made plans for your arrival in a city that , if you believe him, you are to live forever , no strings attached. If then, what is your response ?
Miraculously things just goes your way at times. The giver has his eyes on you 24-7. And he defends you agains foes you never see or people that , you would never guess would never, but does say this or does tha, sending another message that a battle you do not see or know is being fought for you.
Why ?
What have I done to deserve it all?
“You know my name “.
“I am not like anyone you know or ever will see.”
“But as you have loved out of a sevants heart, you will begin to see, that if you would search for me with all your heart, soul mind , and strength, you will find me, and all that I am”.

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