Waking up in him

There is this time of the day when exhaustion catches up to a lack of sleep. I must warn all that when you come to that point. Make sure you are not in public dozing off and when awakened you have patience in recalling who, what, where, and when.
What happens when you awake after tripping away from the walk with god, to some self deceived path. To make this in gardening terms , you have delayed in pulling out weeds. You swair that those weeds looked close to the real thing. But when harvest comes, they have no fruit.
Where are you?
What’s going on?
Waste no time now, take the weeds out ones you learned as weeds, and ready that soil to un-choke the good roots.
We face a wide span of examples from the designer of life. He has made so little room for error, we can nearly never fail in learning how or when god tills, plants, waters, trims, bends, and trains us into his design to one day be transplanted into a universe we wood be speechless to know, yet blossom beyond our strongest efforts to comprehend.
So by all means make HIM your only love so he can flame all the right loves of your life. = with all your heart, soul, minde, and strength. For is this not the fast he has chosen. (Isaiah 58). His thoughts, and his words. . . . For it is by the sun that helps pull life from the soil. . . The son indeed helps us see the world around us.
Is he not worthy of all praise ? Are we not of his garden? Does he hold us all togeather? Thus we have this calling to hold others togeather. We stand up against wolves who aim to steel and maim. But never by our strength. As we receive we give.
Night night !
P.s. Unlike that of plants. We were made in an image designed by god with a worship day. Unlike any other day it was made a crowning work over all life in all gallexies. What’s more , it holds the significance of our deliverance from sin, as death passed over us we had the blood of our savior over our hearts. He did not appoint another day. For if he had, this god who designed the universe with the father would not this be a flaw. … I cannot worship a god that changes his creation, but sanctifies it and hallo’s it instead.

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