A Father of wonder

It was a cold night, just before the new year, a couple of people had entered into the lobby of a Hotel Inn, They seamed worried about the starting  days of the new year and had not found a room to sleep or a place to travel to, because just that month they had lost their home and had managed to keep one token of their former family dwelling.

It will be weird to state it and type it out, but what they found in the rubble was a bible. It was not a check book, nor any bank cards. All that had perished in the flames and flood. They managed to open the bible and read, “Low, I am with you always, even to the end of the world”. They for sure was at their end. Then next was a story of Elisha that had wondered in the wilderness for 7 years and had been fed by ravens and a widow with only a bite of eat.

A little spark started to twitter and sputter in their heart.

The next thing that happened was a old man sitting in the corner got up and walked over to the counter, handed the teller a hand full of money and asked if it can be given to that couple reading that book. As I saw that happened it was as if a unseen hand had been at work.

the couple as in prayer over what they should do and where they should go. Family had been carried away, dead , or had lost their address. For sure it was a time of seeking the hand of God. From one verse to another flooded the minds of the father and opened up the hope of a God that would never let not one hair be lost, or as the bible puts it, “The lost coin . . . The lost sheep….. The protocol son.. there was a party like never their was before “, for what was lost, is found.

It was then the Hotel teller had approached them and gave them the full 50,000 dollars. It was with a promise that their would be sufficient to see them to have a home and food for the winter. The caption on a letter showed why.

It is in the course of time God gives his care from Adam to the Earth made new, to make sure the broken hearted is filled with eternal realities. Promises like Revelation 21:4 “4 and He will 9wipe away every tear from their eyes; and 10there will no longer be any death; 11there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; 12the first things have passed away.”

The man was assured of this letter and asked who it was that gave this to them ? The teller raced to the door and opened it up and there was not one sound or in-print in the snow. The note went on. “We are family, it is not a worthy act we could ever do or say. Not a time in church we could ever place on God’s approval to be given such grace. Grace is given when we need it the most”.   Yes we could hound God for every little need we have. and yet come to a point that we loose track of our importance in God sight. because we would see God by our standards. let me tell you. God’s love is from a perspective much greater than we could ever attain to.

We are family. We move and grow in our cocoon world and see life of others as stranger we must honor and respect in body and life style. Everyone is different, and by honoring who they are and how other’s perceive life, we take in the time to reflect to never venture into unwelcome ground. We tend to see each other as just that,  “Other’s” instead of Family. Even family is at a distance that we feel we must respect to get along.

Not so with God when as it was a point of heavy decision God had to bring back the purity into hearts again when it was by Satan’s accusations the Question as to the Heart of God vs. God’s justice. … It was by God’s justice The Father sent to earth his son to pay the price to all that would accept and love back God’s Grace, Unmerited favor.

The power of Grace in the heart of God is direct proportion to our need. We were never to exist. and yet we do. He is Father. There is not a God but him, There is no domestic father here on earth who helped in the formation of YOU greater and most involved than The FATHER GOD.

What the old man had done was told over and over in many other stories, yet the fact is WE ARE FAMILY. YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE IN ANY GIVEN NIGHT, IN A STORM, IN THE LAST DOLLAR, AT THE  FOOT OF A DIEING FRIEND, COUGHING UP BLOOD, FALLING DOWN GASPING FOR BREATH, OR ANY LAST STRAW STORY. WE ARE ASSURED THAT NEITHER “life nor death, nor any creature will come between us and God’s love:”.

What ? you may ask does that make Gardening so important to God. Or in what way does this story or God bring to view another aspect of Gardening ?

It is this. … We do not own anything. The ground is not ours. The sky, sun, stars, and oceans, are not ours. …. We were given these things before we were made in God’s image. It was prepared for our environment. Then It was by time we were given family and many was brought to separate themselves from each other. We grew into being strangers. .. We literally view each other as “Not Family” not bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

“OUR image”

Our likeness.

Think:  In order to have stranger’s we do not know walk up and hand us just what we need the most; “Who told that man we needed it”, Christ said “love one another as I have loved you.” do the math. God is ever watching and “Knowing what is in man”.  We cannot hide not one tear, not one light of truth we were given one day, nor one mistake at the office. “HIs eve is ever upon the lives of man”. “The son of man”, and “The son of God”. A bridge. Never a storm will keep his love away. He has “concord death”. Cursed sin in the flesh.  Make sure the path is wide open.

The way seems narrow. yet there is a power to resurrect  all to life. But He will not excuse the wicked. They must confess and forsake sin. Jesus just flames the flames of love as you respond.

BINGO : Flaming the flames of Love. Where did you ever do that to your Girl Friend or Love of your life. Did it work to flame it. Or would It be teetering out if you did not encourage their love.

God encourages love to sprout. He whispers truths and watches the moves of all from birth to old age. God never wants a single person to die without a promised home with him. Yet he will not let one person spoil the universe.

He is father, yet he is our judge.

“Self is of Death”, death comes from not allowing light to shine in. We accept the light, truth, to shine. Love of Heaven must warm and encourage growth. But if we close up the path to others around us. From the needs others have for food, strength, joy, and deeds to be done to, (Who?) Brothers, sisters, Mothers, Father’s, Daughter’s, or son’s. We close up the path of life: (water entering into a pond without an exit, brings stagnation and death.).  Yes we are Family.

We are brother’s to a stranger in the line at the store. We are grandmother’s to children at the laundry shop. We are Father’s to this person who has need of wisdom or love. We are given the task of “Loving like I have Loved you”.  = How did Jesus love us? Outside of himself, He loved us. Him and His father. We can go to him ourselves. We can enter into God’s most holy place. And second He listened to his father tell him what was in man. ” My Father has not left me alone”. ( Not until the cross was that abandoned love of the father realized by the son. ) Willing to lay down our lives for each other.

For years since 8th grade, John had enjoyed the friendship of Sally. He helped her with school work, walks home, and dinners at Christmas. It was not a spoken knowing of how he felt about her. He assumed she knew. … One day she was encouraged to go to collage and leave home. She was exited and yet he went back home kicking himself for not having the words to say how much she ment to him. She came back many a time to see if he was still at home. Time and again she checked up on her friend to make sure he knew she was his friend. .. John had gotten into hard times and had nearly forgot Sally’s visits. His outlook was getting more desperate. .. one day the boss called him in and told he was “Fired for not measuring up to the need’s of the public”. …. John walked away from his car and slowly went home to a one bedroom shack. … As he rounded the corner. Sally cried and ran as fast as she could when she saw her friend kicking dust. … She pulled out from under her blouse a handkerchief and out fell a letter she wrote about John. He read the letter of love and was then in tears. Self did not seam real any longer. What pain of life was wiped away. They joined in arms and held each other. ….. his car was nearly rundown, loosing family and friends, breaking all expectations of other’s, and last sinking into deep depressions by alcohol. John struck bottom. then came Sally around the corner.

They both was at an end. She had worked close to the air port and when she finally finished collage, she went back one last time to see John. She was at a pass -road in and wanted John to know her love. She never quieted the prayers to God for John’s returning Love. Mother’s and little old people in the city knew that this couple was bound to be. And yet John was wondering over and over to his own self. Self was well  in control. He held out the light of truth Sally was giving out.

Like vitamins have it in the body. Vitamin E helps encourage Calcium. So does Vitamin C and B12. Without Magnesium Calcium would be hard to absorb. Iron in Barley grass or Wheat Grass. Iron in kale and tomatoes they must be eaten whole or enzymes that make up these plants die and will not help function the food they were made to keep life going.

When the children of Israel  was on their way out of Egypt  and as they went, They complained of the food, (we want food of meat and eggs, Food like the Egyptians. God granted them food falling from the sky. As they ate they got sick and dying. God gave Moses to set up a serpent on a cross, when they looked they lived. when they did not look, they did not live. The Cross kills sin. And for the fact the Serpent was once a glorious animal.  It was cursed because of Satan had entered in and used the serpent to make Eve sin.

Do we look, and will we live ? We must look to the Sun and live. Eat the blessings of whole foods. Make every step we must take to surround ourselves with the atmosphere of God. He props us up and make sure there will not be  another Adam in the future. Or Eve.

It is our Garden, but it is all our lives that make sure the growth is under God’s command. He is the Composer , we are just the players. We are grown the talents of love, joy and peace. Hang on to God for dear life.

We are ever given a book. each book is different. and yet all is from the writer. He writes another chapter and we have a chance to forget the past unless it is in relation to our lives today. Grow each other in God’s love.

Love Norman, writer.


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5 And 13He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am 14making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for 15these words are faithful and true.”

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