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Why me? I want, I am hungry, You win.

He is. He was. He sets his throan’s exsistance upon ‘will always be’ love inside him or his children who believes and follows, having him live inside, by simply accepting all he is.
I must confess that when I started this web-site I had much to say to any and all, but now I have nothing. What I have shared in a trip of miracles was not flesh but spirit. Not me as I was. As a kid I gave my heart many an ulter call. I was no clean follower then.
A.W.Tozer wrote “the more I am walking in this way the less I know anything at all”.
This is uncharted territory. It’s likened to a walking into a light world . First thoughts are, to take off my shoes. Ah. . … no for I see I have no shoes on. Then do I cry that I am unworthy being here? Ah I have no tears (for all my tears were collected by HIM, my Lord my god.
Let me back up, way back. I was in California about “89”. I had a good job out in Indio, but living in Redlands. I really had it well in hand, but not with God’s approval. Carpentry on homes had me at an end. Yet I thought I was ok. Driving against the sun, I was told in recovery 3days later, I was driving 70miles an hour, crashing into a semi-truck. One leg broken (repaired), jaw smashed (healed), and no more job.
It turned out my mother waited on me head and foot. Dad was still working then and my life turned. … a man in society, now to have reality check. I owed mother and father my life. But they soon had me taking care of them 10years later.
I cared not what life the world had for me, riches or fame in any form. I found dieing to self was what god had for me.
Friends, ex-wife, and unknown future. (Abraham’s journey in Genesis , from his home just to live differently than any other he had ever known).
In the next 20 years I went from CAREGIVER, to carpenter, night watchman, farming ( a man I never knew gave me 2days, and I stayed 2years ), I served as a helper roaming around with little money 2years, observing a silent companion tutoring me about this new life. I was called back to a farm where the farmer became a close brother. But he ended up sending me away.
I wet to camp meeting for a summer, when I was urged by a mother to stay with them. And each time I was urged to leave a hand opened up another door.
Now with a job, apartment, and a flock of friends, I am learning “what was this god, companion, teacher, and friend trying to say to me”?
One day , out of the blue , this man called about creating a web-site. I usually turned any of them away. But I was tugged by a friendly notion “it is I”.
Dieing to self still in progress, yet in time, this site was a story time for others looking and waiting to have this relationship too with my friend. Our friend.

So, where am I, say, where is this place? Is this where Moses stood by the bush. Is this where Jerimiah, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul or is it my turn. Is this end of time on earth to be visited by HIM. ( 1,2 Thessalonians ), clouds with ten thousands times ten thousands angels and whom ever, from heaven. And you think that the father (jesus’s Father) would be there too ?

Now, reader, my question is this. ‘What if , what options could there be in the future that as prophecy’s come true as they all has to now. What other plans should we , as humans , make in our lives than to surrender to this GOD who said to John (1st John 1,2,3.) we are different than the world. … Meek, Humble, servant, willing to wash one another’s feet. Bare one another’s burdens, pray without quitting, rest in him.
This life is garrenteed to end. Suffering is part of the load. Jobe in Old Testament, It is by not quitting on faith in him. Even when you end up alone. He will over shadow you to keep you. The evil one wants to creat fear. DO NOT LET HIM WIM. … God’s voice is soft, true, same = never changes, and he wants to welcome you as one with him.
Another thing I am learning. As I go day to day. I say “ I see, says the blind man. You lead, I follow. My thoughts and actions must show that I am yours. The people I have in my life , the style I am use to have with them must always be improving by thy only power.
Why? Why indeed ? Eternal life is beyond me, or anyone ever. It was an invitation once. Now it’s a plea. To say GOD woows us, is so far from how it is. He nurtures the growth of our hearts. But one day he will be silent. No more pleadings.
The end of revelation has him win. We will be home.
Night night !

The “I Am”.

Have you ever had some one you barely know do a thing for you with out knowing it? Even when you were not born, it was granted to you upon your arrival. The value it turns out out weighs any and all things giveable.
You find in investigation that this giver is still alive.
What is your response?
Why ?
Why me?
What have I done to deserve this?
You mean I live and breath. Today because this giver went out of his way to make sure I am alive? How’s come my mother didn’t tell me?
And that’s not all. You find out the facts that he ha made plans for your arrival in a city that , if you believe him, you are to live forever , no strings attached. If then, what is your response ?
Miraculously things just goes your way at times. The giver has his eyes on you 24-7. And he defends you agains foes you never see or people that , you would never guess would never, but does say this or does tha, sending another message that a battle you do not see or know is being fought for you.
Why ?
What have I done to deserve it all?
“You know my name “.
“I am not like anyone you know or ever will see.”
“But as you have loved out of a sevants heart, you will begin to see, that if you would search for me with all your heart, soul mind , and strength, you will find me, and all that I am”.

Waking up in him

There is this time of the day when exhaustion catches up to a lack of sleep. I must warn all that when you come to that point. Make sure you are not in public dozing off and when awakened you have patience in recalling who, what, where, and when.
What happens when you awake after tripping away from the walk with god, to some self deceived path. To make this in gardening terms , you have delayed in pulling out weeds. You swair that those weeds looked close to the real thing. But when harvest comes, they have no fruit.
Where are you?
What’s going on?
Waste no time now, take the weeds out ones you learned as weeds, and ready that soil to un-choke the good roots.
We face a wide span of examples from the designer of life. He has made so little room for error, we can nearly never fail in learning how or when god tills, plants, waters, trims, bends, and trains us into his design to one day be transplanted into a universe we wood be speechless to know, yet blossom beyond our strongest efforts to comprehend.
So by all means make HIM your only love so he can flame all the right loves of your life. = with all your heart, soul, minde, and strength. For is this not the fast he has chosen. (Isaiah 58). His thoughts, and his words. . . . For it is by the sun that helps pull life from the soil. . . The son indeed helps us see the world around us.
Is he not worthy of all praise ? Are we not of his garden? Does he hold us all togeather? Thus we have this calling to hold others togeather. We stand up against wolves who aim to steel and maim. But never by our strength. As we receive we give.
Night night !
P.s. Unlike that of plants. We were made in an image designed by god with a worship day. Unlike any other day it was made a crowning work over all life in all gallexies. What’s more , it holds the significance of our deliverance from sin, as death passed over us we had the blood of our savior over our hearts. He did not appoint another day. For if he had, this god who designed the universe with the father would not this be a flaw. … I cannot worship a god that changes his creation, but sanctifies it and hallo’s it instead.

Walking with the father always

This life hs it’s ups and downs. But the way to stay steady is in allowing this grand gardener to select the path and direct your feet.
When I had sitting awaiting as what to do next with life, I noticed there was always an answer back in reading devotions or attending a friends work place, discussing how vital they are to me. Some way allowing others to be vital is one of many ways we bond to life and thus bond more with god.
It is true I am alone in the world, with no companion, yet my only companion that has shown to be infinitely more real to me than any spouse could ever be. One that answers me in many ways, some seen, some selecting for me a meeting place with a total stranger.
The messages get stronger still when just today, driving by Calvery bible church, having a bible study, and the biggest urg came over me, turn around and stop to take part. Not bad, ay?
The idea I want to share with you is this. Darkness comes in by our ending of the day, relaxing is its area,s best time to lead away our hearts. But ,when we sense the tug-a-war between love for the life giver, and the creative way we could relax. . . . Not by might, nor by power (we have none) , but by “my spirt”. . . . This god we love, how much do we actually know of him. . . Let’s say you wish to hit a tin can a yard away, then take 5steps back, now take a walk 1mile away. How can you possibly hit that tin can. . . Can you imagine god can a mile away hit square on? What I want you to know for your better walk. God can hit that tin can square on 40,000 gallexies away. Because he has life in himself waiting to give you that lif. Seeing from where you are he sees just where he must, must direct you. But not without your constant watching him. —— for he knows how darkness creeps up in when we look at life’s passing treasures. FREQUENLY make that alter call your first move.
When you go to sleep at night, make that time as . . . Like putting on that cozy pajamas, or taking that warm tea. Enter HIS REST. Obey that sweet still voice that always leads you into mor truth, more love, and fragrance of knowing he leads you in the same path that harmonizes from the cross to loving not by your thoughts or words but he literally leads.
Then he awakes you. Watches you starting your day. He knows what’s in your life more than you know. And more he has you to lead the way, with one exception. He directs your steps. . . Why ? . . You are blind until you actually see him face to face. And you own nothing. ….. that’s right … he owns you. A mentor, he is by far the one who stands out far beyond any in all classes or time. This mentor reads minds and hearts. As the creator of life he can conduct it all but . He treasures free will. … if he has not the will . He woows and waits for your slightest readiness to let him in.
So family that is highly loved, sleep and soar….with love of his presence.