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This is short story

I once had a time in a prayer meeting, in it a church had gathered around to read a book and afterwards huddled in groups to pray about the needs of the community and the issues mentioned in the book reading. There were so many that prayed and prayed on and on. … It sis true that when one prays it is with the presence of heaven listening to the language of the heart. God knows the very language of the heart and the issues that each faces in life. We do not need to persuade God. Asking God to bow down, or to dictate to God just what is it we need. God knows the needs, All we need is to praise God for his listening ear and Talk to him as he is right there close, always knowing just what we have heard and what problems we have to solve. It is an on going conversation with him.
When we think of the Garden we have, we assume that it grows all by itself, without our involvement. NO, NO. it is that the Gardener is always checking and thinking always the needs or improvements we can make to enhance the growth or yield. In same way God is constantly in tune with us more than we think. We are contained in him.
In Collotins 1: it is said that God contains or hold all things together. In another way, God contains all the universe that we are a part of. He can be one place and yet be all over everywhere. We should not just limit God to one size or at any time or place but to say he “IS”.
HE is mercy, He is grace, and he is love. Infinitely in all directions and dementions. And he will not age or diminish during any length of time.
He does hate in that he hates sin. The breathing out of sin is with the breathing in of god.
The garden breaths in the air of OXYGEN and breaths out Carbon dioxide. If at any time we try to hang onto the carbon and not breath out all the carbon, we end up poisoning ourselves and out soul.
The soul is; The soul’s purpose is to hold the spirit or the nature of the created. Without the soul the body dies, Without the soul of the Church the church dies, or it is very weak and is betting weaker. If the soul is fed by the spirit of God and the soul of God that Jesus prayed for us. we grow. We must constantly feed or we weaken our relationship with God, which is our soul.
The Plant’s life force is in the water and the sun. It is not of itself and cannot ever be. It praises the sun by blooming, and the bloom praises by giving out a fragrance. It is music in the ear of those the farmer lives with. He is gittish with delight when coming back from visiting the garden and he smiles a certain grin. His wife knows that The farmer has seen his garden blossom and the fragrance she smells is from the garden he walked through. The gardener not just looked at it, but he has lavished in the atmosphere of the blossoms.
Is God being a Gardener in your life ? Is he the cause of your improvements you have achieved this week, or today?
It is not too much to ask, Can you find the Hymns of other gardens, Can you look up the joys other hymns writers wrote about their relationship with the Gardener. For there is one gardener, we are all in God’s garden. We are all related. But not all has keeped thir eyes on the light or believes in the light. thus not all bloom. or have any fragrance. And then one day those plants must be uprooted and throne away.
Please do not let God uproot You.
Love Norman