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Egg Shells and the hidden life

It was  a startling discovery when I tried to burry the egg shells into my bag of nursery top soil. The joy came when I fed it to my Alo-vera plants in cold weather indoors. There was no discoloring, no wilting and with some sprinkles of epsom salts, There may be a blossom by January.

The soul of a plant is its Photo electric enzymes that react to the sun. We react to The light that shines in the same way. Vitamins D3 helps in the establishment of Calcium. Not just in the body but It is well understood that when Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus , and  Then sun, brings out the absorption of hidden trace minerals in the soil.  It surrounds the seed and there is sprouting due to tormenting of the shell. the filling up of the stem inside extends the tube to …. as it seems like a balloon. only the balloon has rubber, the plant just starts to expand and move enzymes up to the tip of the first lead and then it must be empowered by trace minerals to expand its borders, explore more possibilities and more horizons.  This path is taken by wild or house hold plants.

I want you all to know. when I started out to have this blog, It was with the  chance of telling the truth about, God and his approach with mankind. And how growing plants is just a excellent  way of describing how God deals with man.

It wow’s me into seeing not just the miracle of life, but it directs us to understand, “If one has to receive life eternal, one must take on the throwing away of every effort  in  directing our own lives. we are helpless as much or more than plants. The Gardener is Christ.

There is a soul we have, it generates the spirit of who we are as spirit beings. We are not just flesh and bones, we do not have just a beating heart. We have what keeps our heart beathing and our brains functioning. This soul was first breathed into us by God. It made us more than animals, and plant forms.

Without this soul within the worshiping God we have just the words, and the games within the gathering of people. We have not a clue as to the role God plays in our life. It says,”In the beginning there was the word, and the word was light. The soul of life is God. Without him we have not the clue as to where or how to extend life beyond this one.

it is so critical that we know God and have a right concept of him. It was said, ” a Church will not grow higher than their concept of God.  if we perceive God as one we are chums with, if we direct our sermons to  secure a right friendship with the members, We steer wrong the salvation of the flock. instead of stating the vital truths of what God ,wanted the first Church to know and sendoff. A lot of churches go on and on describing  the joy of where we are than how do we go farther on.

 I suggest we send daily in God’s invited presence. God is there but we must acknowledge him in all things. I want to tell you all that we are in the state of sin much worse than Sodom and Gamorah . We are surrounded with sin. We must be with God in the world or we are dead. Miserable, poor, blind, and naked. We are in need of the Eye sauce. We are most like Paul in Romans 7and 8. I cannot reach God, But with the spirit Christ promised us we can have a sure hotline to the heart of /god. With the heart of God we have also the mind of God. Unlimited. But not without God’s strength.

   We overcome all the heaviest of any obsticals by the indwelling of the spirit  Like the smallest of all seeds, The mustard seeds  gains its place and ends up breaking up foundations stronger than boulders. Gods promises is founded upon no stronger than, “It does not return to be void “.

   The easiest way  to say  God is to say , we and the universe is contained inside God. and yet He is in one place when he chooses to be. We should not put God in  a straight Jacket.
God should not be seen as limited to one form, He is in his worm as well as he is within or near another person on the distant galaxy in the heart of the distant child of that planned.

   We are held in His hands like a tender flower or a small bunny. we are much more  than an animal but to God we are His image in his likeness of his thoughts. He bends down, no, He listens  when we speak or when we do not speak. He knows the heart. and pleads to have that heart yearning for him instead of life on earth.  The ar all connected,  There is one Father, Thus one family.  Even the trees are family to each other, but we are like one another. … We must trust God or we will not know him. Trust beyond reason. Just the truth. Truth as in promises of Love. Seek him, and fill in the missing parts of our perception.

     We are blind now, but face to face we will see him face to face. Those scars, those marks in his foreheads. It was for a life we were bought from. We were all transplanted into his garden, and not the world. not the domain of Satan’s host. We are Christ or we are Dead.