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Bring down the rain

When God brings rain, it is not seen as a chance that happens, it is by design that there is rain. It is with life on earth that we have the essentials’ of what we need. Rain is the what we need as humans to hydrate our lungs and the keeping moist the leaves on plants that the exchange of oxygen can happen. It was with the design of moisture that when God made man and the earth He thought of a watering system that would keep plants growing and growing.  There was no worries if there were too many aspen starts and over populations of strawberries that would grow like a wild Thyme plants. You know what I mean.

Thyme plants though they are so small in leaves, it may be so sweet in the cooking of meat and potato salad’s, yet they take over rocks and river beds if given the right environment. (Shade, moist soil, a the invisible helpers we do not see. And then the simplest seed can sprout in that thyme patch. thyme can choke out the seeds or can make sure there is enough moisture for the seed to live on.

I was shocked on time when I saw a apple tree growing in a dessert dry river bed, just because there was a blossoming cactus growing just beside it. One was feeding on the moisture of the other, and the cactus was blossoming because the shade and sweetness of the apple tree. They were sharing the roots that were going some 50 feet in the ground.

Now it was another time I saw an old peach tree that was taken over by an aspen start, that grew up enough to choke out the nutrients needed for the peaches in two seasons to be less and less until there was small and sickly peaches.

Yes I am talking about relationships that can take and rob the strength instead of giving strength or sharing the source of strength that there is. Some plants act as weeds, and others act as helpers. We choose the relationships we attach too.

Now back to Rain. We breath air, and drink water. plants must have water to help breath in the leaves. The very existence of God makes life bearable. We also must breath or drink God so we can take in the spirit of Love, the spirit of Heaven, or as Jesus said to the Pharisees, if you do not drink my blood and eat my flesh you can not have a part of me. = thus, You cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. ( if we do not partake of Jesus and the spirit of falling in-love with him we will be left without the wedding robe of white to enter the kingdom.)

when we give a cucumber plant enough nitrates, water, and 75-85% sunshine we give the needs of the plant what it needs to produce fruits. The pruning and training of the branches bring on room for the growth to take advantage of all possible space for sunshine to every leaf and air keeps away bugs when they need less air and more mildewing moisture to thrive. We keep away danger when we give our relationship the best possible strength needed in being connected to what feeds our hearts and what feeds the heart of God. — yes God needs us to communicate with him just as we need him to strengthen us. —- when in the parable the Virgins and the wedding garment. Jesus told that Here was a guest that had not on the wedding garment. He had entered in  and was exposed. He again told of the foolish virgins that was asleep when the bride groom came. When asking to enter, the virgins were told, “I never knew you”.  —

To know some one. let us go back to the garden of Eden. There Eve knew Adam and she gave birth to a son. ( typo ?)  I know not, but It goes to show, that to know some one means to really know.

then to paint the picture more, Jesus was in the upper room making ready the washing of the feet of his disciples, He quietly done the task and at the feet of Peter, He said, “if I do not wash your feet you cannot have part of me” . And then at the last Jesus sat down and told, ” a servant is not greater than his lord “. , and as you seen me wash your feet, you wash each other’s feet. This brings a full picture then when Jesus said, “to love one another as I have loved you”.

It is so important to water each other by the spirit of Love the Father has for mankind, For by this spirit of love that is unconditional, undeserved, waxes long,  and does not weaken. this love washes ( makes a deep impressionable act or word)   that makes the smile or warmth in the heart of another, building and strengthening the motivation to live. It was from this life of Jesus that comes a spirit, = the sprit or the life force from Jesus father, Yes it was not Jesus that knew what all needed to be said and at the right time. The father gave the spirit  to Jesus in guiding him in speaking words and actions at the right time. ” I can of my own self do nothing, the words I say are not my own, but as the father speaks so the Son speaks. ” The Father has not left me alone.  ===== The Gardener does not leave his garden alone.

God has entrusted to us the gifts or the lesson tools and classroom objects to teach us, and he gives the gifts or graces, in the form of starvation, hurricanes, fire, or flood. He orchestrates the events with family or loss of loves ones, as means of turning our hearts to the source of ever lasting love, everlasting life, and ever expanding universe, to show us there is a life of misery if we look at life here as sin’s landscape. This is sin in this painting. And This if life eternal in this picture you have no idea of.   … ” It is I, I am. the everlasting Son of The Father. There is no other. I am it. (Jeremiah). This is not the last place of life. this is now and there is a Love beyond your wildest imagination.

growth is endless, yet growing plants here is for a time and a season. What do you want. I want Jesus, what ever he is or how ever much it takes to know him. we must know what he knows, or what we know is death. let us be a pilgrim and be not conformed to this world and its views. they are all weeds. …