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A Journey of miracles

It is a wonder that there are miracles at all. When the skeptics press that there is no God, and the reasons given are with fruits from a life that may be filled with complaints. Complaints that “If God does exist, why does he allow such suffering?” or If God is fair, then he has to see what I have to face and the issues I must tackle.

I must say He does. I do not place texts from the bible that supports my encouragements but there are swarms of promises of God that clearly puts out a good picture of Love. What I am getting at is God is the only other option to our world. We may be faced with a flood of “Buy this sell that , or come over and enjoy this or that. Ecclesiastics in the bible, Solomon wrote, nothing is new under the sun, what was will be, what will be has already have been. that means what there is on earth is all what we can expect to be in our life. Joys, pains, Loves, anger, struggles, and war, They will always be as we know it.

God alone gives a different picture of our future. Revelation ( the last book of the bible ) Is the last word given from God to man  and it goes in depth as to the end of the world as we know it. It reveals a God who is unhappy about the outcome of life in the whole history of the world.

There was this King of Babylon called Nebuchadnezzar, This kingdom was at that time the biggest and most ruling of all kingdoms in the whole earth. He insisted that He was the one who created this kingdom. He was the most of all, the top perfectionist of all the earth. But God had plans for Him. He took the kingdom away for 7 years and made him with a heart of a beast. Like in the field. His subjects kept the kingdom going for those years and then when time was come. His mind returned to him and He announced God was the only true God, Him only deserves the praise and worship. All things are of him and with out him there is nothing.

Self has been the single thorn in the developments of chaos, war, ruler ships, planning to be # 1 or to have the best. It has been the very center to building a family, building countries, or  just becoming famous. Yet In the bible it states, ( whether there be kindoms, they will crumble, if there be wars, they will end, where there be any selfishness at all, God said if it be not of me they will die away. )  Proverbs, Ecclesiastics, and Revelation states it all together.

Romans goes farther, and it states that in order to change the outcome of life one must die. In luke Jesus said to the Lawyer, ” You must be born again. If there is no rebirth there is a fact. “you cannot have a part of Me” When Jesus told Peter that “Do you love me” or  “What does people say I am ? ” then ” The Father wishes for people to  worship him in Spirit and in truth. This life is to have the spirit of God reborn in the heart. That is impossible ? No. it is possible by the creator. Down in the water and back up in newness of life. God does it by a fact that Justice is fully met when The son of God died a Second Death. It was not untill God raised Jesus from the grave that the fullness of our acceptance was fully realised by all life in the whole universe. Self was not a part of Jesus. Nor in the lives of his deciples or any follower entering heaven. Self must be dead to Follow Jesus. … if it is not a part of you to accept him now, it will be as Jesus continues to woow you into a better understanding of His Love.

We do not have any other choice for eternal life. we have not another miracle worker than him. He alone has plans for you that you could never realise in this life.                                                          And I am just starting on more subjects in this manner